Must Avoid Business Website Mistakes

The presentation of any website is very important, that’s a major factor in holding the attention of your visitors and making sales. The look of your site is important, because it says something about your business and presents an image.

Everyone knows the importance of having a website. For any business to flourish, it has to have a strong web presence on the internet. And just having an amateurish website design Wouldn’t do! Your website design has to be such that it captures visitors’ attention and make them stay longer.

Here are few errors must to AVOID while you design your website:

  • Don’t pick a domain name that is not appropriate for your business.
  • Avoid “under construction” sign on your website.
  • Avoid the usage of visitors counter.
  • Avoid much use of animation, gimmicks and flashes.
  • Lacks of copy write statements.
  • Poor design and slow functionality.
  • Over use of technology.
  • Passive verbs.
  • Long content makes visitors distract from your website.
  • Bad navigations.
  • No place for feedbacks comments or question.
  • No contact information.
  • Ignoring statistic.
  • Free and cheap hosting.

When designing website these are a number of decisions that you will make that can have a huge impact on the long-term success of the site. Many times these decisions don’t seem as important as just getting the site up and running and as a result they don’t get the attention they deserve. So avoid all the above points to have a great site.

First impressions are really important, especially on the internet, so remember; you have to do a lot in a really short time!

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