Core Ideology

Core Values

All our actions are being driven by our strong core values:

Client Value Creation
Creating and delivering value is the core of our work. We help our clients to derive enhanced value from their IT investment. Be it consulting, IT solutions, services or outsourcing, our focus is always creating value.

Integrity & Transparency
Following highest ethical standards and being honest by inspiring trust among internal as well as external stake holders. Saying what we mean, and doing what we say, matching our behaviour to our words and taking responsibility of our actions that makes us transparent.

Respect for Individual
Valuing diversity and unique characteristics. By fostering a trusting and open environment that helps individual to make his/her choices by being innovative and accountable of his/her actions, as well as allows for individual growth alongside organizational growth.

Seeking excellence in whatever we do. Doing things better in less time which deliver results. It comes from the collective self-confidence of our team with tremendous faith in one’s ability to do more and in a better way. With our people, systems, processes that shapes this pillar of excellence to deliver outstanding results.

Leading for change, good change. By fostering a divisional vision that is in-line with organizational vision, we help our assets – our people to take leadership in whatever we do.

Learning & Sharing
Learning new is the mantra at Xcellence-IT. And doing new is the habit of Xcellence-IT. By promoting a culture of learning and sharing knowledge we grow each day in our skills, expertise and knowledge.


Improve the lives of our customers with excellent solutions and ensure growth for all.