Worst Design or Programming Mistake many of us make

Worst Design or Programming Mistake many of us make

Mistakes are very natural. They are being made by everyone in any field of work. And there is nothing to be ashamed of; it happens. In fact, mistakes are one of the powerful way to learn. Each mistake teach you some important lesson that build up your knowledge & skill set.

Learning from mistakes is the key. Taking lessons from your own mistake as well as those of others helps you avoid those and make some others..:)

If you’re a Web Designer or a Software Developer, you must have at some point of time made following funny mistakes…

  • “I accidentally put a half-finished (with massive broken bits) update of a website over top of the current live one without a back-up.”
  • “Worst programming mistake: editing off a live server and then uploading an old version of the website. All files lost!”
  • “Sat on the development FTP for half an hour, being mad that the live website wouldn’t update!”
  • “Deleted the shopping cart table from a live website instead of deleting one of the records in the table.”
  • “Uploading to the dev website FTP and wondering why the live website wasn’t changing, which sent me around the bend in the process!”

Seems to be a familiar mistakes? Here is a article on “What Is The Worst Design or Programming Mistake You’ve Ever Made?” if you want to read more.

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