Static or Dynamic Website? Which will be suitable for me?

Static website or dynamic website? Not sure, which website is suitable for you? Here is the basic guide on what’s the difference between static and dynamic website. Understand the Static as well as Dynamic nature of website, and decide yourself.

Static or Dynamic Website? Which will be suitable for me?

Static vs Dynamic? Static or Dynamic?

Usually people who are just preparing for their first website does not know difference between Static and Dynamic Website or Web Pages. They are not supposed to know. Dynamic Website (or Dynamic Webpage) is a term given by the developer community. But it does matter to the website owner whether they should go for Static website or Dynamic Website.

Many of our prospect asks us, whats the difference between this two, and which will be suitable for me. Its not easy to answer which will be suitable for you without understanding your requirements. Before going into deciding which is better and which is not, let me explain you Static and Dynamic Website.

But before going directly into it, lets understand Web Page.

What is Web Page?

As per Wikipedia,  “A web page or webpage is a document or information resource that is suitable for the World Wide Web and can be accessed through a web browser and displayed on a monitor or mobile device. This information is usually in HTML or XHTML format, and may provide navigation to other web pages via hypertext links. Web pages frequently subsume other resources such as style sheets, scripts and images into their final presentation.”

Source: Wikipedia

In simple terms, a web page is a document that web browser can understand and display on your computer monitor or other devices, like mobile.

Got it cleared? Okay, now lets look into Website.

A website (also spelled Web site) is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are addressed relative to a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL), often consisting of only the domain name.

For example, you’re looking at our Website which is a collection of several web pages, just like the one you’re currently reading.

Now you know that Website is a collection of several related webpages, lets look into the static and dynamic nature of website.

What is Static Website?

Suitable for a small few page website, works like a brochure because they present pre-defined, static information to the user. Coded directly into HTML, in the same form as displayed to the visitors. Generally, a static website may include information about your company, your products and services, via text, pictures, animations or video and interactive navigation menu.

Static Website designs are similar to handing out a printed brochure to customers, that provide consistent, standard information to all website visitors for an extended period of time. Although Static Website can be updated periodically, but it is a manual process to edit texts, pictures or other contents and requires a basic website design skills and software.

All updates needs to be done in HTML or XHTML code of the web pages. And if you have more than few pages in your website, then its really a tedious job to update it on regular basis. Moreover, if you yourself doesn’t know how to update using HTML or XHTML code, then its costly too.

What is Dynamic Website?

Contrast to Static Website, Dynamic Websites are suitable for a large website where owner wants to update website contents frequently, or wants to offer differentiated contents or web experience to the visitors from different segment. Dynamic Website can also offer personalized experience to the website visitors. Although web pages are displayed using same HTML or XHTML, dynamic website generally make use of web programming languages to offer dynamic contents to visitors.

Dynamic Website, often have a separate interface from where owner can manage and update website contents himself. They are also called as CMS Website – CMS stands for Content Managed Site or more widely – Content Management System. Depending on requirement, a Dynamic Website’s CMS can have number of dynamic functions that enables easier website maintenance, content-picture updates, news or events updates, or a more advanced function with product catalog and e-commerce capabilities.

The main purpose behind Dynamic Website is its automation capabilities. A dynamic website operates more effectively, is easier to maintain, update and expand. Compared to Static Website, Dynamic Website is much simpler to build, when you need more than few static HTML web pages.

But, Which website is best suitable for me?

Unfortunately, there is no static answer to this question! You should decide it depending on your requirements and needs. We suggest you to judge this, keeping in view of  your requirements over next 3-5 years time span.

Our suggestion is to go for dynamic website, because currently its very much affordable and there isn’t too much difference in prices of static website and dynamic website. And Dynamic websites can very well manage your static contents too. And who knows, may be the day after tomorrow, you need to make updates to your site.


So, now you already know the basic difference between the Static Website & Dynamic Website, and you very well can decide which is best for you.

Whatever your decision, Xcellence-IT is well equipped to provide you quality and affordable web solutions, including Static Website Design & Dynamic Website Development with it unmatched professional customer support services.

We would appreciate you to contact our team to learn more about how we can put our expertise and experience to work for you!

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