nopAccelerate is an initiative by Xcellence-IT, a professional web solutions company. We are a committed team working on nopCommerce development services. We’re passionate about offering quality nopCommerce development services, including plugin & extension development, theme development, and performance optimization. We have experience of working on numbers of small & mid-sized nopCommerce projects, some of them are highly customized and hosting huge product catalogs.

Blazing Fast Search, Faceted Navigation, Significant Performance Optimization, Ajax Faceting with UI enhancements, & more…
Suitable for serious retailers that wants faster, scalable, reliable & more profitable e-commerce store

nopAccelerate is a set of plugins for nopCommerce that integrate Apache Solr with nopCommerce. It adds numbers of features to nopCommerce like blazing fast powerful advanced full text search, autocomplete & search suggestions, and advanced faceted/layered catalog navigation feature. It also makes your nopCommerce store responsive and make it load very fast. The one of the promising advantage of nopAccelerate is, it increases your nopCommerce store capacity to serve more concurrent requests and makes your nopCommerce store very responsive & reliable.


nopAccelerate integrates Apache Solr with nopCommerce, how it interact with nopCommerce and improves your nopCommerce store performance.

nopAccelerate Theme

nopAccelerate Themes is an extension of awesome nopAccelerate team focusing on producing finest affordable premium nopCommerce themes and plugins. Using nopAccelerate themes, we help you by making it easier for you to start your Ecommerce store using nopCommerce with best themes and set of plugins to achieve functionality that you need to run effective e-commerce store using nopCommerce. We also contribute by releasing and supporting free nopCommerce themes and plugins from time to time.


PLCBots is a strategic business unit at Xcellence-IT with focus on offering best and innovative solutions for Industrial Automation Solutions & Services.


We at PLCBots works to fill the gap between current PLCs software/program offers and what could be possible! We have expertise & experience in building software and applications for desktop, web and mobile devices for businesses which we are utilizing to build next generation applications that talk with PLC controllers and help business run more efficiently using blend of PLC automation and software.


We also work with developing programming interfaces for PLCs, so your MRP or ERP applications can directly talk to your PLCs and have data that was previously available to SCADA programs only. We offer solutions for implementations of Industrial Automations which may including automating, monitoring, controlling your manufacturing process. This gives immense savings in terms of the man hours and gives you more insights and control by automating the processes.