Lot of Happenings at Xcellence-IT during last week

Last week, we have been busy with launching several projects as well as implementing CRM, Customer Portal and Project Management System. Apart from this, we have also tried our hands on HTML5/CSS3. Its fun to use these newer – soon to be standard techniques.

Last week has been really busy with scheduled launch of several projects.. although it tested our skills to perform, and prepared us to produce more results with less efforts.. ultimately making us more effective and efficient in offering outstanding solutions & outsourcing services to our customers. I would love to share more details on projects we’ve just launched… but all of them are under NDA, hence we can’t publish them under Portfolio section.

Apart from several launches, we have been busy working on deploying CRM & Customer Portal. Although, still we’re working on it to integrate it with our processes and operations.. and get everything deployed right. We hope to complete it soon, and launch Customer Portal for all our clients. Currently we offered access of Customer Portal only to certain clients.

Moreover, we have just started using newer Project Management System which is more robust and easier to use. This transition is definitely going to take some time. But we’ll complete it very soon. Moreover, in near future we’ll be able to offer access to our clients for their Projects on our newer Project Management System. So our customers will be able to see the daily progress of their Projects and interact directly with the team working on their project on a centralized location so everything is organized & recorded at one place which is common to us and our clients. This effort is inline with our goal of offering excellent services to all our customers, ensuring of highest level of integrity and transparency while offering services.

We’ll update about Customer Portal and Project Management System here in coming weeks.

Moreover, last few days was really fun at Xcellence-IT, as we tried and tested HTML5 and CSS3 on one of the project. Its really innovative and challenging to get everything done on the HTML5/CCS3 with Cross-Browser Compatibility. However,  until it becomes standard and browsers starts fully supporting it, there is a limited usability of it and one must care while choosing HTML5/CSS3 for project.

Lets conclude here, as it is really getting late tonight. You can expect more very soon.

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